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One of the most rewarding aspects of our work with social service entities is learning about organizations that are incredibly vital to the very health of our community. Alvis is one such organization. 

Alvis provides reentry services and programs to individuals leaving the criminal justice system. And they’re incredibly effective at what they do. During the course of our on-boarding:

  • We learned that one in 25 Ohioans is under some sort of correctional supervision, and more than 96% of them will be released and returned to communities.
  • We learned that it costs more than $28,000 each year to keep an offender in prison. But it is 80% less expensive to board that same person in a halfway house.
  • We learned that one in every 28 children has a parent in jail or prison. These children are five times more likely to be expelled from school than other children.
  • And we learned that Alvis clients do better than the state average, with a recidivism rate of just 6.3%.
  • Most notably, in the last calendar year, their residential reentry clients earned more than $2.1 million in annual wages, enabling them to contribute to the economy by paying taxes, housing expenses and childcare.

How did we learn this? We did our research. We talked to Alvis clients, counselors and administrators. Heard their success stories. Sat in on group sessions. We were inspired by the tremendous impact that Alvis makes in the lives of their clients and their clients’ families.

But there was a problem. As we dug deeper and learned more about the organization, something important became quite clear to us: The original name, Alvis House, did not communicate their successes, nor the depth and breadth of programs and services provided.

  • The name itself was limiting. The new name, Alvis, better expresses that they encompass more than one location. And with clients being served in 40+ locations throughout Ohio, this is vitally important. 
  • The previous logo did not reflect the quality of the work Alvis does. They are a contemporary organization known for their thought leadership and innovative approach. Those messages were not reflected in the previous brand materials.
  • The previous website delivered an outdated user experience and was not mobile friendly. Research indicates that consumers are turning to their mobile devices for online information, so the mobile experience needed to be considered.
  • While Alvis is focused on their clients, their printed and online materials didn’t illustrate that focus. The new Alvis brand is client-centric, which better reflects how they approach their work. And how they transform lives every day.

The new brand clearly communicates what Alvis does. They help people within one of society’s most underserved populations turn their lives around. They create impact. 180 Degree Impact.

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