Going live almost killed us.

CPV Blogging

How many times have you heard someone from an ad agency, branding firm, or design studio, say that working on their own brand is next to impossible? All of those people were speaking the truth.

Why is it so difficult? It’s because we dedicate all of our time to our clients’ brands, which means there’s never any time left for our own. So I’m not going to tell you when we started working on our new website; I’m just going to tell you we launched it this week.

Please understand, I’m not complaining about it taking awhile. While our site was a work in progress, we:
  • Helped launch a new Urgent Care facility for Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
  • Created a new website for Jacobson Companies.
  • Developed capital campaign materials for Leadership Columbus.
  • Landed a new client in Burley Clay Products.
  • Completed an extensive signage project for New Albany.
  • Launched a thought-leadership digital magazine for Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
  • Wrote, directed, and produced a TV spot for Nationwide Children’s.
  • Completed a brand identification assignment for the Grange Insurance Audubon Center and started concepts for their capital campaign materials.
All of which means we’ve been busy. And in the midst of all this, we had a blast working on the site. Hopefully, you can see our personality shine through, the quality of our work, and the foundation of an agency that’s been thriving for 47 years.

Those same people who tell you it’s impossible to work on their own brands will also tell you an agency’s site is never done. Also true. So I’ll stop writing now and start thinking about what’s next on the new CPV website. The next case study. The next win. The next blog post. Yep, I’ll get right to that. As soon as I’m finished with all my client work. Right.

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