Living Creatively.


A quick note to all of you readers who may have arrived at this post thinking it might be about how to maximize a small living space, living in a restored barn or another twist on creative living thanks to an HGTV show that I haven’t seen yet – it’s not!  It’s truly about creative living and I hope you’ll read on. 

Creative Living ( is a one-of-a kind place in Columbus, OH, that provides independent living for severely physically disabled individuals.  There’s not another place like it anywhere.  And the people who live there are probably not like anyone you know.

They are college students, graduate students, law students, teachers, community leaders, artists, outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners, writers, and they all have a severe physical disability.  

Over the past seven years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with Creative Living to clarify their brand position (, create their identity ( and help them raise funds for their Resident Assistance program, which is at the core of providing independence for those living there.  Through the Resident Assistance program, residents can access support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Creative Living residents are just as unique and individual as each of us.

To quote a resident, “We’re just like able-bodied people, our disability just happens to be on the outside.”

Working with Creative Living has provided us with a new perspective of how we take for granted the simplest tasks, like turning your pillow over to the cold side, opening a stick of gum, or embracing someone you love.

To bring the Creative Living story to life, we produced this video with Burson Films to showcase residents and support the Creative Living What’s It Worth To You? Annual Campaign (

But before you watch, take a moment and think about this: What IS it worth to you…

to open a door?
to tie your shoes?
to pick up the TV remote?
to wipe away a tear?

Enjoy meeting these residents.  I know we have.

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