Top 5 Signs You Need A Brand Refresh Not A New Website


When companies feel like they’re a hot mess, often times they want to reinvent the wheel.

But the wheel has been in existence for quite some time and remains without major operational flaws. So, an attempt to reinvent it would be pointless, not to mention a waste of time and resources.

No further value would be assigned to your brand if you were to just reinvent the wheel.

You’re going to need a new car.

It would also be a waste of time and resources to hone in on one moving part, as there are many that make up a brand.

When companies hone in on one area to reinvent, their customer engagement will often need a realignment.

Reinventing the wheel within your brand can take place in many different forms, and that does not have to include the launch of a new website. (Sometimes it does, but not always.)

Your brand’s refresh needs to ensure your customer will not veer off the road. Refresh your brand, but don’t get rid of the things that are working.

Here are the top 5 signs you need a brand refresh, not a new website:

1.Inconsistency in Brand Representation

Your current brand and its website should already represent who you are. They’re clear and concise, but could certainly be more clear and concise. Instead of creating more work for yourself, consider fine tuning the areas that could use an update.

If you find that your brand is inaccurately portraying itself to a potential audience, you need to hone in on the areas you can be more current. Consider including a section focused on your clients or a background on some of your employees.

2. Lack of Target Audience Interaction

If the audience you had maintained interaction with in years past is no longer responding,       your brand needs to readdress how it communicates externally.

Internally, consider auditing social channels in use and measure their effectiveness per followers, likes, reblogs, etc.

3. Reduced Site and Social Traffic

If traffic to your website and social media sites has plummeted through your use of analytics resources, your brand needs to be reimagined across multiple channels.

4. Prepared Audience Growth

Imagine seeing your brand for the first time with fresh eyes. When preparing to extend the reach of your brand, imagine you are once again in this position. Each member of your new audience should be able to clearly understand your brand’s message across multiple channels.

5. Outdated

If your brand’s approach was revolutionary at its beginnings and has not been assessed since, it may be time to reevaluate your methods.

Ultimately, take care to address the needs of your target audience when determining whether or not you need a brand refresh. Remember, do not get rid of the things that are working, and be sure to measure success on each channel individually.

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