5 Inbound Marketing Tactics My Wedding Real Estate Venture Can't Live With Out

Wedding Barn Venue in New England

As a HubSpot employee, I am witness to the power of inbound marketing each and every day. However, when it came time for me to "drink my own champagne" and start using HubSpot for my family wedding business/real estate venture, Granite Ridge Estate & Barn, I was scared. Would Inbound Marketing really help us earn back our investment?  Could we master the Internet to generate real solid leads? Could we penetrate a saturated internet market, the wedding industry? The short answer is yes, yes, and yes. The success has been remarkable.  As soon as the website went up, the leads started to come in. It has been an incredible Inbound journey that has had us on the evening news, featured in magazines, on the cover of manufacturing brochures, and more importantly has us completely booked for our first full wedding season. 

Here are 5 Inbound Marketing Tactics we obsess over at Granite Ridge Estate & Barn and simply can't run a business without. 

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