Hart Editorial Staff

A PowerPoint presentation isn’t typically something most designers would get excited about and understandably so. Most PPT decks are lackluster and laden with bullet points nobody wants to read, while the program itself can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate.

But when Metroparks Toledo challenged Hart to create a presentation that would be a key component in their fundraising efforts this year, our team couldn’t say yes fast enough. Why? Because we recognize the impact the organization has on our community. 

Metroparks Toledo has been implementing a plan to transform the face of downtown Toledo, adding 300 acres of riverfront greenspace filled with natural beauty and attractions. They are doing absolutely incredible things in our region and their story has the potential to shine no matter what medium is at our disposal. We were instantly committed to turning what could be an ordinary ask into a robust storytelling tool that their team would be incredibly proud to own and share. 

The Metroparks Toledo team trusted us to objectively go through its source material and piece together a compelling narrative that resonates no matter how familiar you are with their history and past efforts. Expanding on their graphic elements to create a template light on words and heavy on big, beautiful imagery, our designer crafted a look that uses subtle animations, short videos and helpful infographics, so there’s always something to hold the viewer's attention.

Metroparks Pres-Image2

The client was thrilled with the outcome. As their new storytelling tool makes its rounds to potential investors and community leaders, it conveys the same sense of pride we have for our parks system. We wholeheartedly believe in Metroparks Toledo’s mission for a greener, healthier and more accessible downtown, and are grateful to have a played a role in telling that story. 


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