Celebrating Success Together

Celebrating Success


October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I should know. I’ve battled the disease three times in the last decade.

The last two times I’ve been employed at Hart. I’ve worked through both rounds of treatment as best I could. And I’m cancer free, again.

The words that follow could be all about how supportive the folks at Hart have been. From Mike Hart, who has become one of the first people I run to with a cancer scare or battle won, to Jacey Maas and Seth Geib who delivered a week’s worth of food to my house after surgery, to JoAnna Sorosiak who took the opportunity to honor me by writing a winning nomination that got me a ”100 People Who Make Advertising Great” award from the 4As to Jarett Walen who designed my Race for the Cure team t-shirt.

Besties for Breasties

But we work in advertising. I know that my story doesn’t answer “What’s in it for me?” to anyone reading this. And as far as my own experience goes, it answers nothing for you.

But don’t be so fast to abort, dear reader.

Because what is in it for anyone who works with or for Hart is this – the people at this agency celebrate milestones in the workplace and in life. And we’re not shy about it. It’s an incredibly important part of our work and our relationships.

Our celebrations mark more than the completion of a project or milestone. It’s really an acknowledgement of a partnership. We celebrate together. We celebrate each other. We revel in the moment because it’s the right thing to do. It’s a time to acknowledge how interdependence is a key to success.

So many of our clients have an in-house agency structure. And we work closely with them, not as a vendor, but as partners.

We depend on our clients to share – data, people, other material, feedback, and sometimes patience. In return, we uncover insights, opportunities, and ways to get them discovered by people who can benefit from what they have to offer. In a way, we play matchmaker. We celebrate the match. Together.