Heather Klatt, Corporate Communications Specialist

If you had to choose between an autograph from your idol or a selfie with them, which would you take?

Now, what if you could receive a personalized video message from that person?

While having your idol’s handwriting might be preferred by some, there is something to be said about having them say your name directly into a camera. And by something, we mean nothing – because the pure elation of hearing your name spoken by someone you idolize can leave even the most talkative person speechless, in awe of what just happened.

Cameo is known for creating emotional moments such as these. The platform allows fans to connect with athletes, politicians and pop icons through personalized video messages, live calls and direct messages. Of course, each interaction comes with a price. And the higher profile the talent, the higher the price tag.

That number might not matter when it comes to gifting, say, your dad a birthday wish from Paula Abdul. For high-profile brands, the cost of an A-list spokesperson may be negligible. And while access to high-status individuals is easy through Cameo, the cost isn’t always feasible for small- to medium-sized brands. That’s where influencers come into play.


In our latest Buy or Sell article, we discussed how to decide if influencer marketing is right for your brand. As social media continues to grow, so does the number of people developing a platform and leveraging their status from it. In doing so, these individuals are also building a trusted relationship with their followers because of their authentic content. They showcase a lifestyle that is attainable and many consistently engage with their community, often more so than celebrities.

Working directly with influencers offers a direct-to-fan engagement. Influencers take whatever they are asked to market and present it in a way that is true to their brand while uniquely showcasing yours. It’s an opportunity to not only get your brand in front of a different audience, but delivered in a way that resonates with the influencer’s followers.


An influencer study is a natural way to assess key influencers’ engagement and saturation rates related to authenticity. To get started with a complimentary influencer study, or for a second opinion on your current influencer marketing efforts, reach out to us right here.