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When consumers’ minds turn to health in the new year, will they turn to you?

Rick Carey - VP, Creative Director

They may turn to you, but only if they know you’re there for them.

For many consumers who are thinking about their health, the beginning of the year signals a new opportunity to take action. For those who have health concerns, and others who are simply ready to make a healthy change, the new year becomes the catalyst they need to make their health a priority.

For healthcare marketers, the start of 2019 also represents an opportunity. This is the time when a carefully crafted strategy can help connect brands with consumers who are looking for answers. And help.

Esther Fabian, senior account executive at Hart, said it best. “The goal for healthcare brands is to develop a strategy and message that make an emotional connection between the brand and those who are ready to make a positive change in their life.” Consumers with this mindset need to know more than whether a healthcare provider is qualified. They also need to know the provider understands the situation and supports their efforts to get healthier.

This is about more than helping people fulfill a New Year’s resolution, she said. It’s about helping someone who is struggling on a deeper level.

“The opportunity grows when brands really get at the heart of the struggle,” Fabian continued. “Weight loss is a perfect example. If you want to make people aware of your bariatric program, you have to remember that, chances are, they’ve already tried every diet and exercise program imaginable, and now they need your help and your empathy.”

In our work with ProMedica to raise awareness of its bariatric surgery program, Hart developed a campaign that relied on a thorough understanding of the potential patient. Research helped us understand what this audience was thinking and how their condition made them feel. Once we understood their emotional state, we created a campaign that approached the topic with sensitivity.

The results were tremendous. You can view the case study here. And while this campaign was not timed to correspond with the new year, it does demonstrate the power of knowing the mindset of the consumer – and how and when to connect.

There are a lot of relevant healthcare services marketers might consider promoting at the new year. Proper nutrition, joint replacement and cancer screenings, for example, are all topics that would resonate with health-conscious consumers at this time of year.

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