Rebecca Shelby, Senior Account Executive

As an agency working directly with tourism boards and agencies nationwide, we have observed notable shifts over the past several months. The dynamic and often volatile nature of the tourism industry requires a keen analytical approach to stay ahead of trends. At Hart, our expertise ensures that our clients are always at the forefront of innovation. With summer being the peak travel season, it is essential for those in the tourism sector to leverage current trends to attract and engage travelers effectively. 

Let’s dive into a few trends we’re keeping our eye on this summer, and how we’re leveraging those trends with our clients. 

Discover how we can help destination marketers and elevate your travel marketing strategies. Let’s chat!  

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Esther Fabian, Account Director

The term "tourism" often conjures images of busy streets, landmarks and crowded attractions. However, nestled down less-traveled paths are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered.  

Lesser-visited cities, often overshadowed by their larger counterparts, offer their own unique charm and allure not found in bigger metros. And what better way to uncover these hidden gems than through the lens of environmental events that are driving tourism? 

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