The disappearance of third-party cookies doesn’t mean an end to measurement; it just means what and how we measure is going to change. Just like any data-driven approach, we must understand it and its impact on our brands and prepare alternative strategies to track customer data and advertising.

So what is the path forward? Our guide provides a precise look at what you should know today and investigate tomorrow to be ready in 2023, when the world becomes cookieless.

This guide will arm you with:

  • A clear understanding of the situation at hand
  • The impact you can expect to your brand
  • Five things to help you take action


A path away from cookies should take up to a year to ensure proper testing and measurement. But don’t delay just because the timeline shifted back! Contact Hart for a custom Third-Party Cookies Audit and Action Plan specific to your brand and, in the meantime, make sure to grab this educational guide.

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