Esther Fabian, Account Director

This Mother's Day, let's celebrate the real, imperfect journey of motherhood. The pressure to fit the mold of the "perfect” mom is suffocating. But here's the truth: good enough is good enough. 

The "good-enough" mother is flawed, real and relatable, and shatters the facade of perfection, allowing working moms to bring their whole selves to work, interruptions and all. 

So what can advertisers do in this new era to embrace the imperfect? 

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Reid Klintworth - Director, Growth & Development

This week, I have the privilege of attending the WMU Food Marketing Conference. It’s a special moment for me to reengage with my undergrad alma mater (Go Broncos), and an opportunity to connect with some of the brightest minds in food marketing. This industry is facing massive shifts in consumer preferences toward healthier food options and overall consumption changes, and consumers are seeking expanded digital and e-commerce experiences that offer more personalization and efficiency.  

I'm looking forward to hearing industry experts talk about these topics and more, helping to ensure that at Hart, we’re doing all we can to continue assisting our food and beverage clients evolve alongside the industry. 

Here are a few topics we’re keeping an eye on:

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Jeff Lutz – VP, Corporate Communications & Content

[Tater definition

The infamous “tater.” In the world of liquor, the term “taters” takes on a different meaning, referring to avid and discerning consumers who have a deep passion for premium and rare spirits. Liquor brands find themselves in an ongoing tango with the tater community and consumers find their bottled hopes and dreams slashed by the allocations already cornered by a more aggressive consumer. 

Taters do, however, play a crucial role in shaping brand perceptions, as their reviews, recommendations and preferences can significantly influence the purchasing decisions of other consumers. A tater’s impact extends beyond immediate sales, as their endorsement can elevate a brand's reputation and contribute to long-term success in the dynamic and evolving world of liquor. As such, creating the currency of “the insider” by building relationships with tater through exclusive releases, personalized experiences and engagement on social platforms is paramount for brands looking to thrive in the competitive landscape of premium spirits.  

Here are five key learnings that can be leveraged from how taters operate.

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Randy Phipps, Executive Creative Director

The Super Bowl – a cultural phenomenon and unofficial national holiday when families and friends gather around screens eagerly awaiting not just the clash on the field, but the unveiling of the most anticipated commercials of the year. But when did Super Bowl commercials become as important, if not more so, as the game itself? I would point to one campaign: the Bud Bowl. 

What can today's marketers learn from the Bud Bowl?

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Mike Hart, CEO

As we head into Thanksgiving, I find myself again reflecting on the many reasons we have to be grateful this year. So, I’d like to take a moment to express my deepest appreciation to the pillars of our success in 2023 – our team, clients, partners and community.

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