SHINE: A Modern-Day Retail Operations Protocol for Impact and Growth

Scott Hauman, VP Strategy and Innovation

When designing and orchestrating retail experiences, established and emerging cannabis brands are investing in these modern engagement-led strategies: identifying opportunities for enhanced brand storytelling, increasing the use of technology, creating space for pop-up shops and more. These strategies are fruitful and provide a seamless experience for consumers, but to be truly remarkable, you need to outshine all others in their consideration set. 

How do you take your retail experience to the next level?  

Achieving remarkable brand experiences at retail only happens when you adopt a consumer-centered approach to your retail operations. Our SHINE protocol does just that.  

What is SHINE?  

S – Service 

H – Highlight 

I – Inspire 

N – Nix 

E – Elevate 

Download our SHINE protocol below to dive into each of these easy-to-follow methods for delivering empathetic, relevant and distinctive in-store moments of impact that any ambitious, modern cannabis retailer can apply.