Allison Westhoven, Public Relations Specialist

Recently, we addressed the importance of social listening – specifically, monitoring what people are saying about your brand beyond your owned social media channels – in our blog, Social Listening Part 1: Insider Tips to Get the Most Out of an Evolving World.  Social listening can provide data-driven insights on your brand, competitors and industry trends. But more important, it can also alert you to a negative review, politically charged tweet or complaint about your product in a Reddit thread.

In Part 2 of this series, we continue our discussion with Digimind Senior Customer Success Manager, Strategic Accounts, Tony Calega, about the importance of adding social listening to your 2021 strategy. Hart partners with Digimind, a leader in social listening software, to provide clients with the full picture of how their brand is being discussed in the social landscape.

See a Potential Crisis Before it Hits

One of the most important uses of social listening is for crisis management. In an ideal world, brands would have ample time to prepare before a crisis hit. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. But with social listening in place, it is possible to track negative sentiment toward your brand and envisage where a potential crisis could arise.

“Reddit, for example, is seen as a safe space by many groups, so people feel freer to share their thoughts about brands. These threads can go viral and be shared to other social channels and eventually become a news story,” said Calega. “Digimind monitors Reddit, meaning any negative mentions of a brand will be pulled into the dashboard. This can help stop or at the least better prepare you for an upcoming crisis.”

Research Your Industry and Competitors

Social listening can also provide valuable data on what’s trending with consumers, sentiment toward competitors and conversations within a specific industry.

“Social listening gives a full picture of not just your brand, but everything that is happening around that industry,” Calega noted. “With Digimind, through the historical search option, we can pull data on various keywords and see how sentiment and interest has changed over three months, six months, or a year ago.”

Identifying Influencers

Influencer marketing continues to be a focus for many brands in 2021. Given the amount of time and money that goes into building these relationships, brands want to know they’ve selected the right influencers who speak not only to the brand’s audience, but align with the brand’s personality, as well. There are plenty of examples of businesses having to end partnerships when negative news comes out about an influencer. Digimind can help mitigate some of this by tracking influencer content during the consideration stage.

“You can vet influencers before they’re selected to make sure they’re a good fit for the brand. You can look back on their past content to see if there are any negative mentions or concerning news items that could come to light and create a crisis moment,” said Calega.

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Kira Clifton - VP, Media Strategy & Analytics

Across this country, businesses are all facing a new wave of challenges with a familiar resolve. Breaking through noise to remain relevant is incredibly challenging, but also rewarding. Consumers are evolving quickly: fragmentation is increasing at a rapid pace, and trends are hard to discern from shorter-term fads. We have a tremendous opportunity to make the connection between brands and their changing consumer, using data to listen to the moment.

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Jeff Lutz – VP, Corporate Communications & Content

Cleaning, or taking account of our actions over the past six months, feels like a chore that we keep pushing off. After all, we all jumped feet first into COVID’s impacts and managed each wrinkle with the precision of a ninja and the comfort of a fleece blanket. At least after the initial shock wore off!

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Hart Editorial Staff

The concept of authenticity is one that has long been debated, from water coolers to chatrooms. In a world where deep fakes are an ever-growing presence, and people believe reality and truth often exist independent of one another, how consumers value authenticity is a matter of increasing importance. In fact, an overwhelming 90% of millennials say brand authenticity is important, with nearly three-quarters of that group suggesting family and friends are the most authentic – that is, trustworthy – sources of social content.

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Editorial Staff

Marc Paulenich has spent his career crafting strategies that influence campaigns and shift business planning in favor of critical thinking. Over the past few months Marc has toured the country speaking at conferences and with clients about preparedness and strategic planning in the year ahead. While every new year brings the usual doses of optimism, excitement and trepidation, 2020 seems a little different. As one meme states: we're closer to 2050 than we are to 1990.

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Jeff Lutz – VP, Corporate Communications & Content

For many prospective and current clients, the idea of having that big moment over social media can be extremely intoxicating. We all want to think we’re the ones creating the “viral moment.” But what happens when there’s a viral moment and you weren’t the one to start it? More so, what if the moment is happening and it doesn’t align with your company’s values?

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Tiffany Vogel - Senior Copywriter

Today is Women’s Health & Fitness Day, making it the perfect time to share some women’s health insights from a marketing perspective.

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Brian Newberry - VP, Brand Leadership

Tomorrow, I’ll be participating in the Columbus Chamber of Commerce Retail Summit 2019. So, why does a marketer care about supply chain and logistics? Because your battle to provide great customer experience is either won or lost in the trenches of supply chain and logistics. A recent Harris Poll indicated that 48% of U.S. marketers believe brands have an excellent ability to provide an exceptional customer experience. However, only 22% of customers believe brands and retailers provide an exceptional customer experience.

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Columbus, Ohio, July 30, 2019 – Hart, one of Ohio’s largest independent marketing and advertising agencies, recently helped with the brand launch and development of RIG360, a new network of independent service centers for the trucking industry.

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According to an Association of National Advertisers study released in October 2018, advertisers are using in-house agencies more, with 78% of ANA members reporting having some form of in-house agency in 2018, compared to 58% in 2013 and 42% in 2008. Still, many advertisers understand the various benefits of engaging an agency to help with their marketing efforts and pursue a relationship that fits the bill.

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